The Power of Possibility | Resources to Help with Strategic Partnerships

Exploring Greater Impact Through Strategic Partnerships

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Why It Matters

As a nonprofit board or staff member, you have a tremendous responsibility. As a leader of your organization, you are responsible for keeping your organization strong. You are empowered with decision making that will impact your organization’s work long into the future. And you are entrusted with ensuring that your organization puts its core purpose and those who depend on it first.

Nonprofit leaders are right to take this responsibility seriously. But sometimes in our efforts to serve our organization, we can become singularly focused on our own success or survival, and lose sight of how our work fits into the bigger picture. How it is impacted by the work of others. How our programs and goals overlap or intersect. How we might be limited by current resources, programs, or scale. And – importantly – how our efforts could be accelerated and amplified by working together.

Starting Points

It’s never a bad time to consider the possibility of strategic alliances and restructuring, but some moments create more natural opportunities to do so than others. This is why we’ve developed focused resources to help guide board discussion during these critical moments. They are designed to help you reflect on where your organization is, where it’s headed, and how a strategic alliance or restructuring could help you get there.