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Cancer Support Community

The Power of Possibility:
Alleviating Confusion and Costs in Support of Cancer Service

Cancer Support Community

“We could double in size, which meant we would serve many more people with cancer, accelerate and expand our research capabilities, and recruit a much larger, more vibrant grassroots advocacy network. In essence, the merger could accelerate our ability to effect change for patients, medical professionals, insurance companies, and national health agencies.”

Kim Thiboldeaux, CEO, Cancer Support Community

The Moment

Two organizations focused on delivering free cancer education and support programs throughout the country – one founded on the West Coast and one on the East Coast- were struggling with increased operating costs and ongoing confusion between the two organizations.

The Power of Possibility

After initial discussions, the boards of The Wellness Community and Gilda’s Club Worldwide concluded that a merger would do more than decrease their operating costs and increase impact. It also would allow for greater efficiency and more resources and influence to strengthen affiliate training, conduct research, engage in advocacy, spearhead advances in the field of cancer care, and better support patients and families.

The Results

Since the merger, the Cancer Support Community (CSC) has achieved significant programmatic and operational efficiencies, saving millions of dollars. These savings have made it possible for CSC to enhance both programming and infrastructure, especially with respect to integrating and expanding its online presence. The merger has catapulted CSC into the top five cancer service providers in the country by both size of budget and number of patients served, enabling CSC not only to expand its  advocacy activities but, most important, to increase exponentially its impact in the cancer care field.